Ascent by Alerton

Branding, trade show and marketing material design.

Brandner helped Alerton, a division of Honeywell, launch their innovative new building management system. The product's name is Ascent, so we used a climbing motif to build the brand from the ground up. All communications encouraged the target audience to discover higher levels of efficiency, control and customer satisfaction with Alerton Ascent. New brand colors, imagery and fonts were chosen to promote this pinnacle of building management, as well as the product specific sub brands for Ascent Compass® software, the Ascent Control Module (ACM), and the Ascent Microset 4 Wall Sensor.

Branding & Logo design

The sky blue color used in the main logo represents the brilliant, blue sky as a backdrop to the ascending mountain. Blue is strong, important, and intelligent. Cool colors look clean and crisp, implying status and calm. However, it is important to note that usage of bright cool colors generates more excitement than light, medium or dark cool colors.

Tradeshows & Events

Taking Alerton's trade show experience to the next level, Brandner designed a two-story booth, complete with a climbing wall to complement the Ascent brand. Trade show attendees couldn't help but notice the towering wall. And those visiting the booth for more information were led upstairs to the second floor meeting space.


Brandner created a series of product brochures, data sheets and sales materials to promote the overarching Ascent brand, as well as the individual products that fall within. Each uses the Ascent logo shape as either pointing up (for ascending) or pointing to the right (for moving forward.)