Branding, Logo Design, Collateral, Web, Social Media, and Video.

The purpose of the campaign was build brand recognition and drive sales by reinforcing the unmatched durability of the product. Our goal was to focus on the one point that sets us apart from the competitors, which is the "install on or in the ground and under water" benefit. As we compete in the print and digital space against the much larger budgets of the competition, the unique imagery of our visual campaign has stopping power.

To highlight this composite decking brand's unique performance feature (you can install it on or in the ground or even underwater), we retouched photos into outlandish scenes showing just how far you could go when building your deck with MoistureShield. Not that you would, but it's good to know you could build a deck at the bottom of a pool or in the surf thanks to product's protection to the core.

Branding & Logo design

We designed this logo to be reminiscent of the joining deck boards and tiles. It has a green core, which is central to the company’s environmentally friendly philosophy.

Digital Marketing

The goals was to educate trade professionals on the benefits of the MoistureShield brand and products to combat market confusion and keep MoistureShield top of mind. The end result was to develop relationships with trade professionals, establishing a loyalty to MoistureShield products. The campaign led to a 52% increase in sales, along with a 16% increase in web traffic.


Brandner continues to support the MoistureShield brand with a variety of brochures, installation manuals and sales materials, all of which reinforce the overall look and feel established. The rich green and black tones convey a high-end experience and complement the beautiful end-use photos of the decks.


This web video was built to showcase the MoistureShield line of products and introduce their new cap stock line, MoistureShield Pro. We created this affordable video entirely in-house using a combination of 3D animation, After Effects digital motion graphics and photography.