Simpson Door Company

Branding, logo design, collateral, web, and video.

Simpson Door Company is a leader in the wood door market and focuses their marketing efforts towards reaching consumers and dealers. This has been in the form of catalogs, printed literature, engaging web design, coop efforts with dealers, select print advertising, and targeted public relations. We conducted dealer, consumer, industry, and non-industry research and found that an emotional connection to the door was necessary, so we created a contemporary, emotionally engaging brand. All of the marketing featured remarkable end-use photography of doors in houses and casual lifestyle images, helping the consumer connect with the doors.

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Branding and logo design
Branding and logo design Branding and logo design

Branding & Logo design

Over the years, we've created many logo designs for Simpson products and features. For example, this logo is for their Performance Series line upgrades that give exterior doors additional protection from the elements. The water beading in the logo reinforces this idea.

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We developed a stunning new website featuring an online catalog and easy-to-use dealer locator that directed the consumer to a local dealers website or showroom. When a lead was established through the 800-SIMPSON line or via online request, an e-mail was sent to all local dealers within 24 hours to help get the consumer connected with the sales channel. In addition, consumers received an e-mail acknowledgment. All of these "touches" to the consumer helped foster the connection to Simpson.

Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Digital Marketing


Most of our marketing efforts involve printed materials that homeowners and dealers can use to find their perfect Simpson door. This takes the form of 200-page catalogs, engaging look books, and various product specific flyers.


For Simpson, Brandner creates various videos that tout the unique features and benefits of various door collections. These are typically used online and at trade shows.