From Speed to Safety

Advantages of Using Prefabricated Bathroom Pods in New Commercial Construction

This program is registered with AIA/CES for 1.0 LU HOUR/1.0 HSW

This course will examine why modern prefabricated bathrooms are a smart solution for a range of new build commercial spaces. Learn how the pods ensure a high level of finish quality while accelerating and simplifying projects by removing thousands of labor hours from the jobsite, thus improving safety. Examine how they are sized and designed precisely to architectural plans and then built to exact specifications in safe, controlled factory conditions. Additionally, learn what factors to consider when evaluating bathroom pods for upcoming projects, and how to proceed with this concurrent construction approach to solve complex logistical, labor and jobsite safety challenges.

Learning objectives

After attending this webinar, participants will be able to:

HSW Justification

From Speed to Safety: Advantages of Using Prefabricated Bathroom Pods in New Commercial Construction meets the standards required by AIA for Health Safety and Welfare designation. Via in-depth discussion of innovative prefab materials and methods, this course will discuss the improved working conditions and safety features associated with factory-controlled bathroom construction and how it de-risks the jobsite. By bringing construction indoors, tasks that require heavy lifting are simplified with automation and cutting-edge equipment. The modular building process also takes place at ground-level, which largely eliminates the likelihood of injury and incidences onsite from overhead debris and falls. A concurrent construction approach also simplifies logistics, requires fewer people onsite and reduces disturbances to local communities. Further, without rain, sun and other harsh weather conditions, the climate-controlled factory approach speeds up construction and offers skilled trade workers a more comfortable and predictable work environment.

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