To promote MoistureShield's new Infuse line of heat-resistant decking, Brandner Communications delivered. Our baby-themed campaign touted the “newness” of the product, while also showcasing it's unique benefit – so cool that a baby can comfortably touch the surface. The advertising communicates that MoistureShield Infuse is the perfect solution to infuse any back yard with character and style. Infuse is available with MoistureShield's innovative CoolDeck® technology, which minimizes heat absorption and optimizes heat reflection – making decks more comfortable all summer long.

In a recent study conducted by Readex for ProSales Magazine, a national print publication for building supply dealers and distributors, the ad received the highest score in the “Attention Getting” category while 47% of readers took some action upon seeing the ad, 2nd highest out of all the ads within the issue.

From a reader in the study: "This ad caught my attention and read the entire ad. Will consider this building material in the future."

This comprehensive campaign included targeted eblasts, digital banner ads, print ads in trade publications and a custom landing page on the web.

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