Printco is a commercial printer that was looking for a new brand and website. They believe printing is an art form that requires specialized skills and a high degree of craftsmanship. So we gave them a look and feel that reflects that philosophy.

We started by building a new website for Printco. The form of the site complements their philosophy of design and craft. The function of the site now allows for online quoting, uploading of files and other operational features to help their business.

Branding & Logo design

To introduce a new look for the company, Brandner framed a simple, sans serif font in brackets, reminiscent of printers marks. We used a pure cyan and black combination to also reference industry standards. The client wanted to demonstrate that although they are cutting-edge and modern, they have a trusted foundation of many years in the industry. So we built a way to lock up the Est. 1974 with the logo.


To showcase the new brand, we designed a series of collateral materials for various communications. Letterhead, envelopes, business cards and more introduced customers to the refreshed look and feedback as been a resounding success.