We have
a head


We know the ins and outs of the building industry. We understand what you need and how to get it for you. Hit the ground running thanks to Brandner's experience, connections and stronghold in the market.

we talk the talk.

As you know, one size doesn't fit all in the building industry. A property owner who's shopping for a building product has different needs than the manufacturer making it, the dealer selling it, or the architect specifying it.

From residential to commercial, there are many unique audiences who require different voices. Lucky for you, we speak every language.

we talk the talk.

we know the players.

Building on our extensive history, solid business reputation, and innovative solutions, Brandner has forged strong relationships with key industry groups, including:

we know the players.

we make every medium extra large.

Our media experience stands out. Over the years, we've built exceptional relationships with publishers, editors, and decision makers from all media covering the building industry.

From PR to ad placements and promotions, Brandner consistently delivers the biggest bang for your buck.

we make every medium
extra large.

we understand the industry inside & out

Brandner's building industry market knowledge is more than surface deep.

We have experience with the internal workings of manufacturing, such as pricing processes, supply chain operations, etc.

This behind-the-scene knowledge allows us to be a true strategic partner, and not just a vendor with limited exposure and knowledge.

we understand the
industry inside & out

we've been there done that.

Since 1988, Brandner has been providing unique strategic insight, cost-effective marketing and innovative creative solutions to clients in the building industry.

This experience means we can research, develop and execute the right plan, right away. No "educating the agency" required.

we've been there
done that.