Milgard® is one of the largest and most trusted names in windows and doors. Brandner entered the frame to help deliver the brand's message of innovation, quality and service. We've worked with Milgard, building windows of opportunity on new product lines like their moving glass wall system, as well as supporting established products and services through print, video and web.

Logo design

When Milgard Windows & Doors wanted a new interactive web module about customer experiences, they turned to Brandner for the name, logo and design of the web page. We created Window to My World, as a glimpse into the minds of their customers.


To support Milgard's branding efforts, Brandner designed various collateral materials, such as a window selection guide. This helpful brochure takes consumers step-by-step through the buying process, directing them to the perfect window for their lifestyle.


Brainstorming ways to demonstrate the benefits of a moving glass wall system led us to the innovative solution. Brandner developed lenticular posters for dealer show rooms, which showcased the opening and closing of the expansive moving wall systems depending on where you looked at the poster.


Brandner wrote and produced a series of web videos for Milgard Windows & Doors to promote the brand and convey specific product and service offerings. We interviewed Milgard employees and customers in studio, then edited the footage with inspirational lifestyle and product imagery. The result was a collection of videos that delivered a clearer window into the world of Milgard.