Builders & Contractors

Builders: Want to hammer out sales opportunities with the audience that has more hands-on experience with your product than anyone else? Whether it's reducing call backs, streamlining building cycle time or improving margins, Brandner knows builders' hot button issues and how to demonstrate that our clients are the solution to their challenges.

Our familiarity with associations including NAHB, USGBC, EEBA and more help us to provide fresh and unique opportunities to our clients. We keep in front of unique traditional and multimedia marketing and public relations opportunities that provide clients non-traditional exposure. We do award-winning print ad campaigns, don't get us wrong. But successful marketing to builders isn't what it used to be, and our innovating nature keeps our clients in front of builders (and their competition).

Contractors: We develop unique programs and tools to reach contractors, including on-site training materials, mobile-friendly online resources, and targeted marketing campaigns to help stop "spec-busting." From fishing trips and baseball suite events to 3-day NASCAR extravaganzas, we develop, source, and manage remarkable incentive programs to encourage contractor commitment. We design contractor-targeted marketing campaigns, including print ads, online landing pages, as well as email and direct mail elements to drive engagement.


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