noun di·ver·si·ty \də-ˈvər-sə-tē, dī-\

At Brandner, we are strong believers in diversity: A diverse team adds different perspectives and experience; diverse clients challenge us to look at each need differently. But we also believe in being diverse for each of our clients.

One of my favorite things about the Brandner culture is our “can do” attitude. We love to proactively drive creativity with new ideas, and when a client comes to us with a challenge or business problem, our first response is “let’s find a solution.” From working to grow a new or existing brand’s awareness or gain sales leads, to identifying new technologies to help our clients be positioned as a leader in their industry, we offer diverse solutions. And not just your traditional sales-and-marketing related! Our goal for every client is to separate them from the competition so out-of-the-box thinking is critical.

Even as methods of distribution have changed, developing photo and content-rich marketing materials to help the sales team reach potential customers is an on-going and important strategy that we’ve assisted clients with since our early days. But today, we also coordinate and facilitate high-profile award trips and company events. Bringing people together to personally connect, we’re able to build effective long-term brand loyalty that prevents erosion from the competition.

We take pride in designing and developing fresh, striking, lead-generating, and award-winning websites. But there is so much more today than just making sure it looks good. We are building out instructive videos, creating and maintaining password-protected dealer/distributor resource areas, carefully analyzing traffic and analytics and customizing sites appropriately, utilizing “retargeting ads” to encourage return visits, and sending emails directly to the sales team when a “hot lead” completes a task on the site. To us, diversity means being open to thinking out of the box to help our clients reach their business goals.

We have a long list of unique ways we help our clients (from managing customer service phone and chat lines, calling and coordinating AIA Lunch & Learns, and presentation training, to facilitating webinars, product-placement, and researching/advising on company-wide software upgrade projects), but in the end it is about helping deliver results. From creative design to creative solutions we work with each of our clients differently. In the end, though, it is our consistent commitment to being diverse that sets us apart.