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Our partnerships with home décor and remodeling influencers nailed a 281% increase in followers.

What started as a means for friends to network and share content online has turned into a pivotal piece of the 21st century business model.  Social media is now a platform for friends to connect with friends, businesses to connect with people, and people to share ideas. Among those whose ideas are most sought after, are influencers.

As a business, partnering with an influencer to promote your products or service can pay off in a big way. Partnerships with social influencers increase brand awareness and drive sales.  One success story of influencer marketing comes from the partnerships we have created with influencers on behalf of Simpson Doors.

Simpson Doors set a goal to increase their brand awareness and use social media as a means to showcase their products and increase sales. Using our background in social media, our team was able to connect with influential accounts on Instagram and negotiate terms of agreement that benefit both parties. From building a campaign, to product donations, and coordinating magazine features – the BC team helped to manage all aspects of the partnerships.

By participating in multiple social channels, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Instagram, the partnerships with influencers, and preparation of strategic content, has increased Simpson’s social media following by 281%. As an added bonus, content that was produced on social media was picked up by Domino Magazine (929K Instagram Followers) & Better Homes and Gardens (1.3 Million Followers), bolstering Simpson’s social exposure.

Your customers are out there, are you ready for them to find you on social media?

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