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Read about how Brandner used Google ads for our client to drive decking customers to Lowe’s and boost leads by 500%.

In an internet that is plastered with advertisements, how do you make your business’ ads stand out? Anyone can make an advertisement, but creating an ad that drives conversions and generates consistent leads is a different skill altogether. Often times, online customers may become “ad blind” and never see your ad while they are digesting their daily dose of content. It takes more than just placing an ad to make it effective.

When one of our clients wanted to launch a new advertising campaign for their line of decking products, they knew the goal was to increase their sales leads, but they were unsure how to do this on a tight budget. With so many options for advertising placement, it seemed overwhelming to start an ad campaign that would be an effective use of their resources.

In order to create budget-friendly and effective advertising campaign that reached the right customers, Brandner’s Digital Marketing Team worked to create a seamless marketing channel that drove customers to the client’s sales source: Lowe's. The campaign leveraged the Google Ads platform (formerly Google AdWords) to research where customers were looking for decking products and what keywords they were searching. Using the data, the Brandner team created a clear marketing and sales path that informed the customer of the client’s decking product and drove the customer to Lowe's for purchase.

The results of this advertising campaign boosted sales leads by 500% and made one very happy client.

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