A Fresh Look at Trends from IBS 2018

It was another great year at the International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Orlando! Our feet are still recovering and our backs may never be the same, but as usual – it was worth it. With over 1,600 exhibitors, IBS is a great place to spot not only new products, but also new trends for the coming year. This year, two particular trends stood out for the Brandner crew. Check them out, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Brandner Buzz IBS Recap: Color Is Back

First, Color is back.

Last year, we noticed the rise of the all-white and neutrals trend associated with reality TV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines. This year, product manufacturers are beginning to move away from all white interiors and embracing color once again. Whether it’s a pop of bold blue, or patterned wallpaper, product designers are no longer confining their palettes to neutrals only. Within the color revival, we noticed two themes:

    1. A Dash of Color – we especially saw this bold color trend in the kitchen. Appliances are no longer strictly offered in metallic tones or blacks and whites. From faucets, to stoves, homeowners can choose bright colors for previously understated instruments. One brand that did this was Hestan, displaying a bright blue hue in their new stove line. Another company that also sported this bold color trend (both interior and exterior) was Simpson Door Company, with their vibrant and beautiful doors.

Brandner Buzz IBS Recap: Statement Pieces

  1. Statement Pieces – From tiles to chairs, designers are bringing pattern and texture back to common household items. One such piece was displayed by NK Woodworking. Showing off their eye-catching bathtub – this product caught attention on social media in addition to being a hub of popularity at the show.

The second trend we spotted was of course, home automation.

Brandner Buzz IBS Recap: Home Automation

It’s no surprise that in our world of ever evolving technology, homes are beginning to become more integrated with artificial intelligence. Companies like Phyn hook-up your home’s water system to a wifi-enabled device that can locate a leak and shut-off your system at your command (via an app).

Other products like NuTone Knock’s smart video doorbell camera allow homeowners to see when their package is dropped off while away from home, and communicate with the delivery person, if necessary. We believe smart technologies like these will continue to trend in the home throughout 2018, especially as products continue to be improved upon and developed.