Video Marketing Trends

It’s no secret video is the king of grabbing your attention. No one wants to admit how much time they spend watching videos in their news feed, yet we all do it. In fact, according to TechCrunch, there are over 100 million hours of video watched every day on Facebook alone.

But with this much video being consumed, it is important to create videos that give you the highest number of views from your audience. So we have compiled our top 5 video trends we believe are going to continue to grow as time goes on.

Live Video

While the production quality of live videos are often lower due to filming on a mobile device, the length of views your video will receive is typically much higher. According to Facebook, users spend up to 3 times longer watching live videos compared to regular videos posted in their news feed. And better yet, live videos are available to watch as normal videos on your timeline once the live session is over.

While the trend of live video started with social networks like Meerkat and Periscope, it has now expanded Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and will continue to grow to other networks as well. This is why it is important to look for ways to incorporate live video into your strategy.

Email Marketing Videos

We’ve all seen them. Emails come through with what seems like miles of text. And guess where those go? Right in the trash. You can easily shorten the length of your email while still portraying your message to your audience by simply adding a video. Better yet, according to Forrester Research, emails containing videos saw their click-through-rate increase between 200-300%.

Videos in Landing Pages

Typically, when building a landing page, whether for an AIA course, literature/sample request, etc., you want to make it simple and to the point so your audience will convert right away. So the concept of adding a video to it may seem unnecessary. However, adding a video actually increases the amount of time users will stay on your landing page, and even increases conversion rates by 80%, according to Unbounce.

360-Degree Video

While the concept may be tough to wrap your head around (we’re sorry, we couldn’t resist the pun), 360-degree videos can provide users with a unique and immersive experience. YouTube & Facebook have already added support for these types of videos, and with a growing number of affordable 360-degree cameras and VR equipment available, this format will only become more popular.

These tools are a great way to showcase a product, the interior of a home, an exotic location, or even a live event. It will require out-of-the-box thinking, but this is a great opportunity to reach your audience in a memorable way.

Short and Simple

With everyone competing for audience attention, it is key to be short and to the point in your video strategy. Successful video will need to grab viewers’ attention right away and get the message across as quickly as possible. Videos between 30-60 seconds in length are most likely to have the full video viewed, according to a Kinetic Social study.

If you come across an issue where you have more content than 60 seconds worth, a great solution can be breaking out the content into a series of videos.

With video use moving more to a norm, it is important to not only use it but incorporate it into your marketing strategy. Simple or complex, animated or live, now is the time to get more of your message out through the play button.