Super Marketing

Whether you are a Seahawks fan (which many of us are) or a Patriots supporter, one thing we can all agree on is that there is a ton of money spent on the Super Bowl. And, if you were waiting to get any last-minute deals on tickets to the big game, think again. A ticket that was selling two weeks before the game at $2,000/ticket is selling for 3 or 4 times that 3 days prior. For me, going to the Super Bowl is on my bucket list, but at those prices, I am happy to watch the game on TV. And, yes, also the 4 million dollar plus commercials.

I don’t know why, probably because my team is in it, but I have been able to sit back and watch, and yes, appreciate the savvy marketing unfold right before my eyes. Honestly, some of the best individual player marketing that I have seen in a long time. Players are so engaged in social media that I am somewhat worried they aren’t focused on the game before them (we shall see). But even beyond the barbs at other players and the cheerleading of their own team, family and personal accomplishments, we see many coming out with their own brand of clothing, merchandise, videos and so much more. Good or bad? The jury is still out.

Everywhere we look, we see brands fighting for the limelight. Whether it be in product integration, screen shots of logos, social media or compelling Super Bowl ads. The question comes to mind, money well spent? Go Big or Go Home? For many brands, they have such large marketing budgets that it is just another item on the spreadsheet. It creates buzz but does it create sells? Is the ROI worth the investment?

Hmmmm……just some things to ponder as we enjoy watching one of the greatest sporting and marketing events in the world! Go Hawks!