Is Your Continuing Education Making the Grade?

Check out how our best-in-class webinars consistently deliver 600-1,200+ attendees for our clients.

Nearly every profession needs to complete some form of continuing education (CE) these days; the construction industry is no exception. When our clients want to reach the numerous architects, builders, and construction professionals that complete CE courses, they rely on our industry knowledge to get their presentations in front of the right audience.

Knowing that incorporating, traditionally bulky, fire-rated glass is a pain point for architects, we promoted a CE webinar that showcased our client’s fire-rated glass that did not hinder design goals. The webinar showed the benefits of the fire-rated glass and provided examples of how it was incorporated into beautiful designs while still meeting code. By bringing a niche, yet relevant, code-driven topic into the spotlight in front of an audience of architects, we were able to further the position the client as a market leader and resource in the fire-rated glass and framing space.

In order to build a quality audience that is eager to participate in a CE webinar, it takes a little bit of homework and collaboration. The joint promotions from the Brandner Communications team and the publication were able to widen the reach of our message and gain a record number of registrations. This particular continuing education webinar hosted over 1,200 architects and design professionals and provided our client’s sales team with “warm” leads with project-specific questions for one-on-one project follow up.

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