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We helped our fire-rated glass client land the coveted “#1 Most Specified’ title.

It is cause for a feeling of pride when a company reaches any milestone, but when the #1 spot is clinched that is cause for celebration! In one of our longest-running client partnerships, the Brandner team was instrumental in growing a small Seattle glass sales office into an industry-leading international glass and framing systems manufacturer and supplier. Now in our 30th year of working together, Technical Glass Products (TGP) rates as North America’s #1 most-specified fire-rated glass manufacturer. 

As the recognized leader in fire-rated glass and framing, TGP works closely with design professionals, building code officials and manufacturers to identify glass and framing solutions for the wide-ranging requirements of today's commercial buildings. Their products are high tech and high end, requiring us to develop an intimate knowledge of a very specialized field. It takes a team that is willing to take risk, reevaluate when something isn’t working, and that is that is tuned-in to the needs of the company in order to turn a brand into an industry-leader. 

As the marketing team for TGP, we ensure that every marketing effort is collaborative with the client’s internal team and that we are proactive, not reactive, with new marketing initiatives. We keep the overall vision in focus and set a course for the brand to ensure that tactics are used as building blocks, rather than as fragmented pieces. As part of this constructive approach to client relations and marketing tactics, we will not lower the brand standard to “mud-slinging” tactics when competitors attack, instead, we collaborate with the sales team and use sound marketing techniques to combat challenges.

In addition to brand strategy, the Brandner team also provides public relations, digital marketing services, media planning, website design and management, and a host of other marketing services.

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