Is Instagram's REELS the Real Deal?

Brandner is dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest about all things marketing. Here’s a brief update on changes in the social media world. 

This week, Instagram launched “Reels” - a TikTok-esque tool that lets users create brief, 15-second videos on their Instagram account. Social media Influencers have been quick to jump on the new platform and promote the short-story clips on their feed. If you’re an Instagram user, you now have the ability to create these Reels yourself by swiping left on the home screen (similar to how you would when you go to create a story). 

Reels has been offered as a solution to the potential ban of TikTok in the U.S., and a source of income for top TikTok creators seeking better streams of revenue (until recently TikTok did not support their creators financially.)  In fact, Instagram has already signed exclusive contracts with some of the biggest TikTok players requiring them to move their creating solely to IG Reels. In light of this - it will be interesting to see how many TikTok users make the switch to Instagram. We wouldn’t be surprised if given Instagram’s ability to provide avenues of revenue for creators, and consistent R&D for new app add-ons, Reels becomes the next big social platform.

With the Facebook-owned company supplying a strong competitive advantage, don’t underestimate Reels. We believe it has the potential to become a  great tool for creating before and after videos, quick tips, and more to your target audience.

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