Surviving Isn't Thriving

Recent snow showers in Seattle meant great skiing over the holidays. While on the mountain, it hit how skiing and marketing have a lot in common.

So many brands find themselves continually chasing their competition down established paths.  Just staying in the groove hoping to pass them. Keeping away from trees, cliffs and rocks and losing sight of the fresh untracked powder and never looking up to survey the mountain. Sound familiar?

Survival of the fittest is a term we know well. We say, surviving isn’t thriving. In order to outpace the competition, brands that are embracing new technology, staying in front of trends, innovating and developing a long-term strategy are seeing impressive growth. Brands that are comfortable are not.

Sure, the groomed trail is easier and will ultimately get you there. But reaching the base behind your competition is not winning. Escape the expected. Push the limits. Find your edge and make the first tracks. It’s more thrilling and more rewarding.