5 Reasons Why Email Marketing Still Matters

Digital marketing is always changing. From the rise of influencer marketing to mobile-first indexing, the digital landscape looks completely different than it did just a decade ago. As digital marketers, we often get caught up in the latest trends and technologies – and rightly so.

Your competitors likely aren’t sitting back and enjoying the fruits of (no) labor; they’re researching, testing and growing. In this digital age, you can’t afford to fall behind in any aspect of your business, especially digital. But, at the same time, you can’t forget about channels and technologies that consistently deliver solid ROI.

Yep, that’s email marketing.

Ah, the workhorse of digital, the grandma with six pack abs. Yes, she’s been around a long time. In fact, the first mass email was blasted out way back in 1978. And sure, she doesn’t look quite the same as she did when she started – nope, she’s even better.

This grandma may not be as seductive as her younger, newer counterparts (we’re looking at you, AI!) but instead of being pushed to the side with a quick “sure, we’ll send an email out” when your next marketing initiative arises, often it should be brought to the forefront. So when you need some of the latest stats in your toolbox to demonstrate to your boss why email still matters, here are 5 eye-opening tidbits to share with them now.

Email is #1 for delivering the highest ROI for marketers

Email beats paid search, affiliate and display marketing, among other tactics when it comes to generating the highest ROI for marketers, according to a VentureBeat study. Email is ideal for product launches, promotions and more when looking at your bottom line.

People are spending more time reading emails

Over the last seven years, the average time spent reading email has increased almost 7%, from 10.4 seconds to 11.1 seconds, according to Litmus Email Analytics. Though technology and screen time is often blamed for short attention spans, this particular channel is where people are spending more time consuming digital content.

Email is important on mobile, too

These same studies find that mobile users are spending more time reading their emails, not less. Email attention spans increased, along with the percentage of email opens, on mobile devices from close to 20% in 2011 to roughly 55% in 2016.

It’s not just used by Baby Boomers

Social media channels get a lot of attention these days, but 78% of teenagers use email and consider it a part of their everyday life, according to Adestra. Across a range of demographics, email is universally used to consume and share content.

Email complements other channels

A major retailer found in a test that by coordinating emails with Facebook advertising, people were 22% more likely to make a purchase. It’s yet just another reason why email shouldn’t be siloed as a stand-alone channel but utilized as an important part of your integrated marketing strategy.

So ready your mouse, open up Litmus and let’s get started on your next email marketing campaign. Because this grandma’s just getting started.