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An SEO site audit increased our client’s organic traffic by 230%.

When you want to find information on something, how do you find it? If you’re in the same mindset as a majority of the online world, you search for it online using a search engine (Google, Bing, etc.). When contractors, architects, and builders use these services, Brandner’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team ensures that they find your website. 

Google made 3,200 changes to their search system features and algorithms just last year, so how do keep pulse on the fluctuating digital landscape? Understanding industry-relevant search key words and knowledge of SEO principles, best practices and trends, in conjunction with a deep understanding of website analytics analysis allows our digital marketing team to actively address modifications within the search-sphere and best position your website for optimal organic (non-paid) traffic growth. During an SEO site audit, we comb through website content and optimize for search engine algorithms to find your site before your competitors. Is it nerdy? Yes. Is it effective? Absolutely. In fact, after a recent SEO audit of our client’s website, we found that the efforts increased the organic traffic to the website by 230%.

A full SEO website audit can quickly identify why your site is not showing up in the top listings on search engine result pages and provide long term gains for organic traffic. In addition to SEO, Brandner’s digital marketing team increases your brand’s reach online through online advertising and other digital channels. We are recognized as a Top Website Development Company on DesignRush.

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