What We Do.

Many marketing agencies have their "go-to" tools. Sometimes that predisposition makes them force the wrong tool for the project. Not Brandner. We sort through all of the possible tools to find the perfect fit. And if we don't own the tool, we get it, then master it.

There are many ways to get the job done. We prefer to do it the right way. See the links below for a glimpse at what we do.


Strategic Planning

We work with our clients to develop integrated marketing plans tailored to meet their business objectives. All creative executions flow from the brand's differentiating point in the marketplace. Consequently, the ongoing strategic/creative process incorporates competitor creative reviews, industry assessments, and brand evolution (where necessary), to ensure a positioning that remains relevant in the market. Each creative assignment is managed by an efficient, detail oriented project plan, ensuring on-time delivery of the communication element.

Digital Marketing

Email marketing/SEO/SEM: Online marketing is an ever-changing environment. We stay up-to-date on the latest technology offerings, as well as manage email marketing campaigns, banner ad placements, keyword search offerings, utilize Search Engine Optimization best practices, and engage in the growing number of social media channels to reach target audiences.

Social Media: We know online social networks are a growing information source for many customers, and therefore should be considered in any marketing communications plan. We also respect that in the building products industry, it is important to be strategic in the use of these networks to reach builders, support dealers, and demonstrate a leadership position. For example, with one of our clients, we were able to achieve a 60% increase in web traffic from a strategic social media campaign. We increased their Facebook likes from 0 to 3,657 in less than 6 months (all architects and trade professionals).

Traditional Marketing

At Brandner, we do traditional marketing in an unconventional way. We go beyond just designing an ad or a brochure. We understand (and protect) the value of your brand, delivering consistent creative materials that are obviously connected, while still having that "stop-factor." No matter what the challenge, we always stretch our limits to find the right solution.

Supply Chain Marketing

Brandner can integrate your marketing to promote efficiency and collaboration between different stakeholders. From product brochures and flyers to point-of-sale materials and store signage, each of these supplies must be quoted, acquired, managed and ultimately distributed to customers, sales teams, field offices, retail outlets, dealers, distributors and other key audiences across the country or around the globe. This collaboration reduces lead time, streamlines feedback, improves sales forecasting, and ultimately leads to more successful promotions.


We utilize multiple tools to measure our marketing efforts, including working with national media channels, creating specific trade and consumer response mechanisms, and focus group research. Brandner Communications' AnswerFish™ web-based survey program offers online surveys, distribution, and results assessment. Through this tool, we can evaluate potential product names, print ad response, website preferences, and various other topics to help support a successful campaign, product launch, and more. We also utilize non-proprietary tracking such as Google analytics, email blast tracking, ad performance, PR effectiveness and website/SEO performance.

Branding and Positioning

Prior to developing a brand, we conduct a brand audit using the BrandFilter™ process. Based on the results of the audit, we develop an own-able brand for our clients. We provide a unique brand positioning statement, brand values, personality and messaging that sets their brand apart from the competition. Included in our brand development is a comprehensive creative execution along with brand and logo guidelines.

Web Design/Production

We maintain innovative and efficient online marketing and resource capabilities, with the ability to design and program full-scale trade and consumer-focused websites. On the trade side, our sites are researched and designed for current industry needs, incorporating target-audience appropriate messaging and functionality. We work closely with the client to define the purpose and maintenance plan for the site, and propose tools and designs to support them. Our clients have benefited from scratch-built and incorporated lead management tools, literature download and ordering processes and other related functions.

When we identify the need for client-maintained sites, a content management system (CMS) may be recommended. We source, install, develop in, host, and manage CMS’ for multiple clients, as well as provide custom training and ongoing support as needed.

Video and Webinar production

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is even more valuable. The proliferation of computers and mobile devices has placed the ability to watch video at everyone’s fingertips. To stay relevant, it’s critical for companies to have useful content available to their customers via multiple channels. Brandner has experience producing a variety of video content for our clients:

  • Training sessions for installers, sales teams, and others relevant audiences.
  • Promotional videos posted online, presented at trade shows, and displayed in showrooms.
  • Installation videos demonstrating how products are used or assembled.
  • Live videos filmed and produced during events to promote industry leadership.
  • How-to case studies and product videos used for social networks, websites, training and PR.

Public Relations

Brandner Communications is widely respected among editors and producers in both the trade and consumer media, having developed and nurtured relationships with them over 30 years. As a result, we are able to secure placement of client articles, interviews and product features in the key media our clients' customers rely upon. In addition to press releases on new products, services and business achievements, we ghost write and ensure publication of bylined articles, broker on-camera appearances for clients, and arrange media interviews.

Custom Resource Solutions

Lead Management Tools:
Our lead management process is designed to generate new business revenue, increase visibility, and improve the general attitudes of your potential clients for future marketing efforts and business development. We use a myriad of marketing technologies throughout the process, but typically follows the steps of generation, capture, filtering, grading, distribution, contact, nurturing then ultimately resulting in a new business sale.

Customer Service Support:
The customer always comes first. We provide the tools and support you need to keep yours satisfied. Give your customers a positive experience with your brand, and foster a long-term relationship that keeps them buying your products. Whether it's assisting with customer support calls or online chat, scheduling lunch and learns, or managing rebate and award fulfillment, Brandner is never afraid to roll up our sleeves and do whatever it takes to keep your customers smiling.

Trade Show Coordination:
We have designed, built, assisted with installation, scheduled staff, coordinated product delivery, set-up media appointments, produced signage, and developed promotional materials for nearly every building industry trade show. No matter the size or location of the event (including virtual trade shows), you can look to Brandner to assist with booth themes and design to communicate key messages, propose and execute promotional elements to help drive traffic, identify, negotiate, and support on-site show home participation, coordinate staffing schedules, and any other elements that will help deliver a successful event.

Education Creation/Coordination:
We are in a class all our own when it comes to educating various audiences about our clients' products and services. We develop and implement online module creation for AIA Continuing Education including online administration, full-service scheduling and logistics for in-person presentations and reporting to AIA (average 800/year with over 12,500 attendees). We develop innovative platforms, training tools and videos to educate architects and builders through a variety of accredited continuing education series. Plus our online community, GreenExpo365.com, trains consumers and industry experts about the benefits of green building.

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