Ascent by Alerton

Brandner helped Alerton, a division of Honeywell, launch their innovative new building management system. The product's name is Ascent, so we used a climbing motif to build the brand from the ground up. All communications encouraged the target audience to discover higher levels of efficiency, control and customer satisfaction. New brand colors, imagery and fonts were chosen to promote this pinnacle of building management. Over the years, Brandner continues to help Alerton with a wide range of marketing solutions like digital advertising, webinars, event planning and more.

Branding & Logo design

Brander designed the Ascent logo for Alerton to represent the brilliant, blue sky as a backdrop to an ascending mountain. We also refreshed the Alerton corporate logo, giving it a contemporary, modern, forward-thinking feel.

Tradeshows & Events

Over the years, Brandner has taken Alerton's trade show experience to the next level. We designed a two-story booth, complete with a climbing wall to complement the Ascent brand. We followed that up with an event space that included a mountain peak photo backdrop, so those visiting the booth could appear to have scaled the peak.

We continue to reach new heights in creativity.


Brandner develops product brochures, data sheets and sales materials to promote Alerton and the Ascent brand. Here is just a small sample of the work.