Don't forget about channels and technologies that consistently deliver solid ROI

Digital marketing is always changing. From the rise of influencer marketing to mobile-first indexing, the digital landscape looks completely different than it did just a decade ago. As digital marketers, we often get caught up in the latest trends and technologies – and rightly so....continue

Achieve the Success of Meeting Customers Where They Are

The Importance of Using Social Platforms to Connect Brands to People

Social media has quickly grown from a once-considered “Wild West” to a staple of good business practice. These platforms are where businesses can meet customers in their day-to-day lives – whether that’s waiting in line at the grocery store, laying poolside, huddled around a fire – your business can be there, just a click away, woven in among posts from family and friends...continue

Video Marketing to the Masses

How to Make Videos More Shareable

There's an old adage that says “sharing is caring.” That statement holds a unique meaning when it comes to viral videos. Chances are, if you have used social media, you have seen a video that has been shared thousands of times and garnered millions of views. These videos resonate with audiences and include some quality that compels people to share them with others...continue


Will adding more points to an ad necessarily convince the customer to buy?

In season 7 of the TV show Frasier (set in Brandner’s home town of Seattle), Frasier Crane argues to his fussy younger brother Niles, “Ah, but if less is more, then just think of how much more "more" will be!” It’s a philosophy that sometimes arises in marketing communications – the belief that adding more points to an ad, news release, article or social media post will convince the customer to buy...continue


It was another great year at the International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Orlando...

It was another great year at the International Builders’ Show (IBS) in Orlando! Our feet are still recovering and our backs may never be the same, but as usual – it was worth it. With over 1,600 exhibitors, IBS is a great place to spot not only new products, but also new trends for the coming year...continue


Surviving the storm at Brandner Communications...

There is a lot of pressure writing a Christmas blog. The last blog of the year. One that people will remember or try to forget. This one will be a bit different. More raw. More real life. More transparent. We have been on a rollercoaster the last couple of years here at Brandner...continue

5 Workplace Do’s and Dont's from “The Office”

"What not to do" in the workplace...

Some may argue that there’s no better example of “what not to do” in the workplace than found in a few episodes of “The Office.” If ever in doubt about one’s conduct, a simple click of the remote can provide ample material of what to avoid saying or doing to be more successful on the job...continue

Video Marketing Trends

It’s no secret video is the king of grabbing your attention...

It’s no secret video is the king of grabbing your attention. No one wants to admit how much time they spend watching videos in their news feed, yet we all do it. In fact, accord to TechCrunch, there are over 100 million hours of video watched every day on Facebook alone. But...continue

Five Reasons Why Webinars Should Be a Part of Your Marketing

Reaching your target audience with a unique platform...

For the past seven years, we’ve produced over 160 live, online webinars, sharing information across the globe. Webinars are a unique way to reach new and existing customers, facilitate learning, and launch a productive converstation. To encourage you to think about including live webinars in your next plan, here are five important benefits we've seen...continue

CMS or HTML: Big Differences, But Does It Matter?

Each have their own merits to consider...

Each year, we build or remodel more websites than the year before. And every year, technology evolves to help us offer creative online solutions. It is amazing what can be done in code that helps a brand position products and services to ultimately drive sales...continue


Here are some of our key takeaways from this year's show...

If you attended the International Builders’ Show in Orlando last week, we are confident that you left feeling positive about the upcoming year. Whether it was the industry news updates, health of the market, innovative products...continue


The Brandner Christmas tree is decorated a little differently this year...

Instead of your traditional ornaments and decorations, you will find paper envelopes filled with random acts of kindness. Each Brandner team member has been challenged to take an envelope from the tree each day and perform the random act of kindness in the envelope...continue


Social media promotions stand the best chance of delivering tangible business results when they are run correctly...

Social media promotions stand the best chance of delivering tangible business results when they are run correctly. Not only can they help grow your online audience and gain valuable leads, they also can provide an opportunity to give something back to your audience for staying engaged with your brand...continue


It's no secret that the U.S. housing market is on the rise...

It is no secret that the U.S. housing market is on the rise. And the speed at which it is moving can be compared to that of Usain Bolt. But as we marvel at this rapid recovery, keep in mind it's not a sprint, but a marathon...continue


The Brandner Communications office is under siege...

A feisty seagull has invaded our parking lot and taken us hostage. This fowl-tempered fowl squawks, swoops and poops – forcing us to run for cover when entering and exiting the building. In fact, it's so bad that employees use divert-and-run techniques and carry tennis racquets to and from their cars. But at Brandner, we turn negatives into positives...continue


noun di·ver·si·ty \də-ˈvər-sə-tē, dī-\

At Brandner, we are strong believers in diversity: A diverse team adds different perspectives and experience; diverse clients challenge us to look at each need differently. But we also believe in being diverse for each of our clients....continue

Whole-brained marketing:

The fusion of logic and creativity

Take a moment to picture Albert Einstein working on his relativity theory. Chances are you imagined the great scientist at a blackboard full of complex equations, with the end result: E= MC2. Such mathematical genius and logic is commonly called “left brain” thinking. Of course, Einstein was a math whiz, but just as important for developing his theory, which now underlies modern technology such as GPS navigation, was....continue

Know Your Audience:

Creating a Strong Connection

Here at Brandner, one of our guiding principles is, “know your audience.” This could be as simple as knowing what birthday treats to send to a customer who doesn’t eat sweets, or as involved as understanding how to motivate a client’s target audience to click on....continue

Dealing With Mudslingers:

What to do when your competition tries to erode your brand by causing market confusion.

Nearly every kid faces playground taunts by someone who calls them awful names in an attempt to appear stronger, smarter, cooler and just plain better than they are.  As adults, we know that these bullies try to build themselves up by pointing out other kids’ flaws. It’s a sad example for kids, and is also damaging when this type behavior carries over to the marketplace....continue

The Rise of Ad Blockers: 5 Moves to Make Today

Everywhere you look, there’s an advertisement. On your way to work, you’ve inevitably listened to 12 commercials wedged between your favorite songs, while you pass 15 billboards scattered along the highway. And this doesn’t end when you browse online, open your email or check your Facebook. We can’t ignore the fact that with the ever growing supply of avenues to get in front of an audience, people continue to adopt technology to block ads online...continue


How is your New Years resolution going? If you are like most, not so well, right? Resolutions this year seemed to take a back seat to something that seemed to tug at Americans heart strings just a bit more.... the Powerball-influenza swept across the nation faster than the Ice Bucket Challenge. Somehow the dream of winning 1.5 Billion convinced people that they could beat the odds and become rich quick.

Work places all over the country even got in on the craze together...continue

How Social Media Can Become Your Customer Service Workhorse

What do you do when you cancel dinner plans because Comcast tech support didn’t arrive within their four hour window to fix your Internet? Or, the new couch you spent months saving for is no longer available? Or, the contractor that came so highly recommended took twice the time he promised to finish your deck at double the cost?

If you’re like a growing number of today’s consumers, you don’t wait on hold for a customer service representative or submit a contact form. Instead, you jump on Facebook and post about how the worst date of your life was with the Comcast man who no-showed. Or, you share a photo of your long-anticipated couch on Instagram and tag the company to find out...continue

Simpson Door Co’s Award Winning Website

We are extremely fortunate to work with clients that are open to new ideas and are willing to take risks to advance their brands. Their passion for their business allows us to use our building industry knowledge to be innovative and to achieve results for their brands.

We are excited that the website we recently launched for our 20+ year client, Simpson Door Company, has won yet another award. Hanley Wood selected Simpson Door as the winner of the 2015 Brand Builder Platinum Award ...continue

Embrace Your Passion

We take our sports seriously in Seattle. Seahawks (nod to the 12's), Sounders and yes even the Seattle Mariners (we should be mentioning the Sonics, but we won’t go there today…RIP). While we may not be having a ton of success on the diamond, there is one bright spot with the Seattle Mariners. Over the past 10 seasons, we’ve enjoyed watching one of the greatest pitchers in the history of baseball: King Felix Hernandez. When this guy pitches, fans watch in anticipation of something great. While his ability is unmatched, the reason people enjoy watching him is because of his passion for the game. He doesn’t just play for himself, he plays to give Seattle something to be excited about. On August 12, 2012, his passion was on full display when Felix threw the first perfect game in franchise history. It is a day we will never forget for its inspiration.

Felix has said that every time he takes the mound, he tries to throw a perfect game. To put into perspective the chances of that happening, there have only been 23 perfect games in MLB history. But, Felix plays with such passion, he believes he can throw another one every time he takes the mound, ...continue

One-Size-Fits-All Marketing Plan Doesn’t Really Fit

The idea of "one-size-fits-all" is nice if you are on the production/sales side. Reducing the number of variables in manufacturing helps simplify pricing and inventory. But for the consumer? I am pretty sure LeBron James and I won't fit into the same size shirt. It's the same with marketing.

A one-size-fits all marketing plan is a failure in the making. Even if you follow a plan from a successful competitor or copy a big brand’s tactics, there are so many variables that need to be considered.

Each marketing plan should be custom built based on the current and anticipated market place as well as incorporating business goals. When looking at marketing budget allocation, think about...continue

Why Retargeting Can Be Bittersweet

We’ve all seen it. You check out a cute pair of heels online at, add them to your cart and then oh wait! You remind yourself that you should really put those funds toward remodeling your bathroom since that leaky toilet and crumbling tile probably aren’t going to fix themselves. So you hold off on buying those killer heels (*sigh*) and mosey over to Facebook. You’re perusing your news feed when all of a sudden those gorgeous Jimmy Choo’s pop up in a sponsored post. You start seeing those same shoes appear on other sites you frequent – your local news station’s website, eBay, and even your Twitter app. And then finally you see one more banner ad…with those same heels now for 20% off! Your credit card is whipped out before you even have time to rationalize why a working bathroom isn’t really needed, anyway.... continue


Nearly every week, vendors selling various software, databases and other “amazing solutions” (their words) contact us. Many of these are likely fine tools, but when an over-enthusiastic sales person promises an “outstanding ROI,” our caution alarms ring louder than Seattle’s famed 12th man.

Too often, “ROI” is used as a business-y substitute for the word “benefits.” No harm, right? Usually not, but when marketing and PR people misuse the term, we undermine our credibility with clients and other business leaders who understand it as a precise financial calculation based on actual dollars spent and earned..... continue


How Marketing Is Shifting from Global To Personal.

Advertising and marketing used to be a one-way connection. Old-school ad execs on Madison Avenue telling the masses what they needed. It's a floor polish. It's a dessert topping. It will make your life better. No questions, please.

The times they are a-changin'. Now we are living through a revolution where the world is more “connected” than ever before. But with enhanced technology comes a never-ending stream of content and noise force-fed to consumers. To survive this “on-line onslaught,” people have become more selective to what (or who) they let in. As a result, brands must now connect on a more human level. They need to be seen as a trusted friend ... not a faceless automaton. People don't buy from companies. People buy from people...continue

Super Marketing

Whether you are a Seahawks fan (which many of us are) or a Patriots supporter, one thing we can all agree on is that there is a ton of money spent on the Super Bowl. And, if you were waiting to get any last-minute deals on tickets to the big game, think again. A ticket that was selling two weeks before the game at $2,000/ticket is selling for 3 or 4 times that 3 days prior. For me, going to the Super Bowl is on my bucket list, but at those prices, I am happy to watch the game on TV. And, yes, also the 4 million dollar plus commercials...continue

What Soccer Star Tim Howard Can Teach You About Brand Building

He’s been called a hero, the U.S. Secretary of Defense, and a national treasure for his elite goalkeeping—but the name Tim Howard is new to most American sports fans. It took over 15 years and a record-setting, 16-save World Cup performance in the U.S. versus Belgium match for the 35-year-old veteran goalkeeper to explode onto the American sports scene.

During the course of the historic match, more than 1.8 million people tweeted about Tim Howard, the popular #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave meme began trending worldwide and a petition was enacted to change the name of Washington National Airport to “Tim Howard National Airport.” It’s no wonder Howard is reported to be cashing in on major national brand endorsements that could bring in a few million dollars in the next couple of months alone...continue

The First Post

The first blog. What do we write about worthy of the honor of the first ever BC blog? As I sit pondering, so many different ideas are swirling around. Do I do a deep dive on a meaty topic? Or, maybe something light - an easy read? I do know, that whatever the topic, it has to be something I am passionate here goes...continue